My name is Aly Sergie and I am the dentist at In Focus Dentistry. We will be updating our team profiles with bios and pictures shortly. I want to thank you very much for taking the time to check us out. Please realize that this website is not created from a typical template. All content – good or bad - is created by our team.  

During the process of looking for a dentist, most patients find dentists will advertise themselves as a Family Dentist or Cosmetic Dentist or General Dentist. We understand that this can sometimes make things confusing.

One of our goals at In Focus Dentistry is to make all of our dental services look good, feel natural, and last a long time. Should we market ourselves as a Cosmetic Dentist? We’ll let you decide that.

Our primary goal at In Focus Dentistry is to make getting the level of care you want, as easy as possible. We do this by focusing on three things – Comfort, Convenience and Attainability.

When you walk in to the reception area you’ll probably notice that it looks a little different than a typical dental office. You will be greeted by Hayley who takes care of welcoming patients to our office.