Our primary goal at In Focus Dentistry is to make getting the level of care you want, as easy as possible. We do this by focusing on three things – Comfort, Convenience and Attainability

What Exactly Does This Mean?


  • When you walk in to the reception area you’ll probably notice that it looks a little different than a typical dental office. You will be greeted by Hayley who takes care of welcoming patients to our office. We have done our best to create a tranquil and open environment for you. (You’ll notice there is no television in the reception area)

  • Coffee and Refreshment bar. Whether you are arriving or leaving the office, feel free to grab a coffee or a cool drink. It’s there to be enjoyed by our patients.

  • Our dental chairs have a tempur-pedic supplement to help make them more comfortable. We’ve noticed that many of our patients are able to take a quick snooze during treatment. Really.

  • We have TVs in our clinical areas or you can choose to listen to Satellite/Streaming Radio. Feel free to bring your IPOD/IPHONE to your clinical appointment to listen to your favorite music.

  • If the need should arise, we can offer medication to help make you feel more comfortable and less anxious during procedures. This is commonly referred to as Sedation Dentistry which consists of either Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or a pill – and sometimes a combination of the two.


  • We have extended hours from 7:30 in the morning to 6pm. If you need to come in earlier, we can probably accommodate. Please let us know if that is something you are interested in.

  • We are open on Fridays.

  • We are centrally located in Uptown – only a few minutes from Victory Park, Downtown, Highland Park, and Oak Lawn. There is plenty of street or garage parking for our patients.

  • We only see one patient at a time. This allows us to place all of our focus only on you and will get you in and out of the office more quickly. We understand people live very full lives and don't always set aside enough time for dentistry.

  • Appointment Duration – Some people prefer longer appointments while others prefer to be in and out. With longer appointments, we can typically get more dentistry done in fewer appointments and actually decrease the cost of your dental investment overall.


  • Any strong relationship is based on trust. You can schedule a consultation so that we can discuss what your goals for treatment are. If you choose to proceed with an exam and x-rays, there will be a minimal diagnostic fee that will be explained to you in advance.

  • There should be no confusion regarding finances when you are ready to proceed with treatment. Hayley will gladly answer all of your questions so that you can feel confident in your total investment with us.

  • We work with several service companies that specialize in providing funds for healthcare. What we have noticed is that most people who are currently employed, can typically secure some sort of funding to get the level of healthcare they choose.

  • We may be able to offer a courtesy reduction when the cost of treatment is paid for in full prior to booking your appointment. Please be sure to ask about this option.

  • For those with Dental Insurance, our goal will be to maximize their annual benefits and receive prompt reimbursement from their Insurance company. We are not a Preferred Provider on any insurance company’s plan, and our fee is due when treatment is rendered.